Emulsifiable Concentrate
Emulsifiable Concentrate
Nucidol 200 EC is very effective for the control of ECTOPARASITES (lice, buffalo fly, mange, lice, ticks and fleas) on cattle, pigs, goats, dogs, and in animal sheds.

Up to a concentration of 0.2% active ingredient, no visible signs of intoxication were observed when cattle and sheep were sprayed or dipped respectively.  A slight reversible inhibition of cholinesterase activity was determined at 0.2% and increasingly at higher concentrations. Salivation, a visible sign of this specific type of reversible intoxication was noticed in cattle at 0.4% and higher concentrations.  Thus, Neocidol is well-tolerated by cattle and sheep when applied as recommended in a dosage range from 0.03% up to 0.1% of active ingredient.
Practical experience has shown that Neocidol is also well-tolerated by horses and dogs.

Recommendations for use

Timing and frequency depend on parasite, climatic conditions and degree of infestation.  For mange mites, 2 or 3 treatments during the life-cycle of the pest and treatment of the animal houses may be necessary for thorough control.  It is essential to maintain dip concentration by replenishing when dip volume has dropped by 10%. Animals must be completely immersed at least once.  Do not dip sheep with less than 2 weeks wool growth.  Use sheep dip wash only on day of preparation, then empty completely and clean dip thoroughly to avoid build-up of bacteria causing post dipping lameness.

Dosage & Administration
Lice: Mix 250 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 100 l of water.  Apply at least 4.5 l of spray, ensuring that the animal is thoroughly covered.  Re-spray as necessary.
Buffalo Fly: Mix 400 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 100 l of water.  Apply 500 ml and spray along the backline.  Re-spray as necessary.
Lice: Mix 250 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 100 l of water.  Spray pigs and sties thoroughly.  Repeat treatment in 14 days.
Mange: Mix 250 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 100 l of water. Spray pigs and sties thoroughly. Repeat treatment twice within 10 day intervals between treatments.
Biting and 
sucking lice:
Mix 250 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 100 l of water.  Spray goats thoroughly making sure hair is wet to the skin.  Examine goats after 14 days for newly hatched lice and later during the season for further lice activity.  Re-spray as necessary.
Ticks: Mix 10 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 4 l of water.  In paralysis tick areas thoroughly wash dog weekly when ticks are active.  Carefully detach engorged adult ticks by hand.  It is essential to maintain daily inspection of the animal.
Fleas: Mix 10 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 4 l of water.  Wet coat thoroughly with the solution.   Repeat treatment every 3 weeks or as necessary.
Dog Kennels
Fleas: Mix 25 ml of Nucidol 200 EC with 1 l of water.  Spray kennel and surrounding area.  Re-new bedding.  Repeat treatment every 3 weeks or as necessary.
Flies: Mix 250 ml of Nucidol 200 EC per 10 l of water.  Spray the inner walls thoroughly and any other places where flies settle.  Re-spray as necessary.

Withdrawal Period

Cattle 3 days
Pigs 14 days
Goats 14 days
Dogs -
Dog Kennels -
Horses 3 days
Animal Sheds -
One litre consists of :
Diazinon .................... 200 g

Strictly avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear hat or cap and clothing to cover the body. Wear rubber footwear and rubber gloves when handling the concentrate. During dipping also wear a protective apron. When spraying, wear a cloth over nose and mouth. Wash hands and face thoroughly after use and before eating, drinking and smoking.

If illness occurs, stop working immediately and seek medical aid.

Atropine, in addition oxime preparations, such as PAM or TOXOGONINE under medical supervision.

Store under lock and key in a well ventilated area in original container. Keep out of reach of children, unauthorized persons and animals, and also store apart from food and feedstuff. Once open, use contents within three months. Close tightly after use. Avoid sun, temperatures below -10C and above 35C and also rain and dampness.











10 litres
5 litres
1 litre

GMP certified
ISO 9001:2000 certified
ISO 17025 accredited laboratory